Pushing the Envelope with Wall Retrofit Designs: DUE 11:59pm ET on February 22, 2019


What does a person do when he feels cold? The natural tendency is to wear a jacket covering his body and he does not fill insulation inside his body. Similarly, for the climate of Boulder (low moisture outside and high latent load inside) I believe that the house should be insulated from outside instead of adding insulation inside. It is because of the reason that if we add insulation on the inside, then there might be a reduction of space. Also, if brick stays inside then it may form a reverse brick veneer and serve as a thermal mass which will be an added advantage. I have proposed the use of a prefabricated External Thermal Insulation Composite Board (ETICS) with porcelain stoneware slab finishing on the external walls of the house for building retrofitting. Alongwith that , the use of wooded C-channels have been thought to attach this composite boards to the external walls of the house. This C-channels will serve as a slot for the composite boards to be inserted and resulting in aesthetically beautiful retrofitting solution. This prefabricated composite along with unique installation system will reduce the errors associated with the current ETICS retrofitting solutions.



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