2016 Challenge

Parallel Heat/ Cold/ Optional Steam Storage System

Thermal storage can be water, air or steam if available. Air vents can have openings (water proof cover) on roofs to sense air temperature and with a duct system to heat air using solar power for heat conduction, convection, induction. Air vents could be kept warm or cooled with a parallel water cooling system of ducts. Inside rooms, air openings on ceilings for temperature control, filter, transfer heat energy, but floor could be a porous plumbing for heating or "drying" floor. Water vapor, liquid or ice "collection" through small openings on roof with small reservoirs to collect rainwater, hail or change H2O phases as needed according to the self regeneration system for cooling or heating. Ceiling and floor H2O openings for moisture flow release, collection and quality control. If steam system present, closed for heat transfer. Smart systems for temperature and air quality control. Separate two or more parallel systems to better control quality air, moisture, heat and cooling induction to schedule maintenance before or after a significant weather change. Temperature outside environment can be used to generate storage systems and inside buildings to match individual requirements that are automatically monitored using heat/cold sensors to provide optimal conditions for when the person steps in or when leaving.

Roof can have solar panels that will create a"battery" of carbon fiber duct systems that can provide electricity and air, water, or optional external steam thermal storage systems for use day and night.



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