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Recycling previous home materials to retrofit the new

To modernize a single family home of 2400 square feet year 1975 to a modern retrofit that requires a more updated materials and including the modern requirements of using sustainable materials for insulation and strength reinforcement. It has been included in many housing projects in recycling, reusing old construction materials removed when renovating, such as old concrete, steel beams, steel bars, gravel, old pieces of wood and dirt from the same site and incorporated in the making of more durable, fire proof, moisture and mildew proof materials in the construction of walls that can last. The design may help in air, water purification with the surrounding environment, since it may isolate or naturally "purify" air through the "semi porous" walls of concrete. The surrounding environment and landscape design may help in creating a temperature, moisture and soil control more adapted for weather changes. In retrofitting the home, there may reinforced concrete walls mixed with recycled plastics to be more "flexible" (or other materials) with metal beams, these walls can be made by three vertical layers or (one single mixed vertical layer): outer "flexible" perhaps mixed with plastics for earthquake proof, fire proof, and moisture proof; middle layer (or bricks) of incorporated reused materials as insulation; and a inner smooth hard solid layer (i.e. concrete smoothed) for temperature, moisture and mechanical interface with the decorations, air inside the house. It might be helpful to have possible future owner(s) preplan to include the artistic, creative, discovery, and work wants and needs to be incorporated in the design and construction of the future home so parts or whole sections of rooms, or floors can be modified or "detached" to include or remove designs to make rooms larger or smaller in possible future renovations, additions or maybe to "build new homes". This could be a requirement for areas that are prone to natural disasters or to design a home that can be more fire proof, flood proof and earthquake proof and be long lasting. The home could have windows, or rooms that can be naturally heated during cold weather, and naturally cooled in warm weathers since "thicker" walls can better absorb (or isolate) heat during the day to remain warm in cold weather; or remain cool during warm weather.



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