Pushing the Envelope with Wall Retrofit Designs


The envelope that we are developing would use lightweight, energy -efficient, and green materials in order to prevent moisture build-up and reduce the leakage . The outer layer will consist of cool bricks, which can be 3-D printed to aid manufacturing. The tiny pockets within the bricks serve to hold water and cool of the structure during the warm times of the year, and prevent moisture getting into the house. Aerogel is a lightweight material that acts as an insulator and is flame resistant. Polyurethane Spray is an insulator that is growing in popularity and prompts financial benefits. The design also incorporates Mycelium fungus, also known as a living insulator. This materials is grown and not manufactured, and has proven resilient to extreme conditions. Proper insulation leads to improved air quality as well as energy saving, and much of heat and cool air escapes through poor insulating.



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