2016 Challenge

Wireless sensor network for agriculture applications

Most of the new agriculture technologies, such as precision agriculture and precision farming rely on installation of connected sensor systems. Many of those agricultural systems require cellular coverage to connect the agriculture sensors to the gateway. Because cellular coverage is not available everywhere, many farmers are unable to use advanced agriculture technology. Ironically as it may be, seems like agriculture and technology do not always walk hand in hand.

The key part of our system are the self sustainable field stations. We wanted to build a flexible system, therefore we designed our field stations to interface with a wide range of precision agriculture sensors such as:


soil moisture sensor

temperature sensor

humidity sensor

tank water level sensor to monitor water usage for irrigation.

The nodes connect to the gateway using one another to relay messages over distance in a configuration called mesh networking. Finally, the gateway transmits all information collected from the nodes to Camalie Networks server. Consequently, the server stores and analyzes the data to display sensor readings in a user friendly dashboard. The user can securely access the dashboard from every web browser, including on mobile devices.

Website: http://flyingcamrentals.com/agriculture-technology/



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