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Engineers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), in collaboration with Southwest Gas, and IntelliChoice Energy, have developed a heat pump that does not rely on the electric grid for its power. The residential Internal Combustion Engine Heat Pump (ICEHP) uses both an internal combustion engine to drive a vapor compression heat pump and the waste heat rejected by the engine for space and water heating. The ICEHP uses a 270 cc single-cylinder natural gas or propane fueled liquid cooled engine. The engine coolant, a 50/50 mix of water and ethylene glycol, recovers the waste heat from the engine block, engine oil, and from the exhaust. The current exhaust-to-coolant heat exchanger has a relatively large foot-print, 6 inches in diameter and 24 inches in length, and is expensive at roughly $1,200 per unit. The exhaust-to-coolant heat exchanger needs to be redesigned in order to decrease the overall foot-print of the ICEHP and reduce the system’s initial cost.

The Challenge

The challenge is to design an exhaust-to-coolant heat exchanger within the following parameters

  • Exhaust temperature: 1100°F Inlet and 200°F Outlet.
  • Exhaust flow rate is 16 cfm.
  • Maximum allowable exhaust back pressure 1.2 psi.
  • Coolant temperature: 165°F Inlet and 180°F Outlet.
  • Coolant flow rate is 5 gpm.
  • Coolant maximum allowable pressure drop 2.0 psi.
  • The heat exchanger footprint by at least 30%
  • Heat exchanger life >40,000 hours or 10 years
  • The heat exchanger cost target is $500 or less at a production volume of 100 units or more.

This JUMP Call for Innovation requires only a written proposal. Review and consideration of ideas does not require submitters to provide ideas with documented Intellectual Property (IP). If you are concerned about protecting the potential of your IP, choose the “Invisible to other Innovators” option when submitting your idea. Choosing this submission option will enable the judges to review your ideas but will not show it openly on the JUMP website.  Choosing the “Invisible to other Innovators” will not permit the JUMP community to comment, discuss, or vote on your idea.

The Award

In-kind technical support of $5,000 will be sponsored by Intellichoice Energy for the top selected technology submission. The idea submitter will also be invited to discuss future collaboration with Intellichoice Energy and ORNL technical experts. Depending on the needs identified:

  • ORNL may provide in-kind technical support of $10,000 - $20,000 to enable ORNL staff to providing prototype development, testing, 3rd party validation, or other defined needs.
  • Successful JUMP winners may also elect to submit a "Request for Assistance (RFA)" for Round 3 or subsequent Rounds of the DOE Lab Impact Small Business Vouchers (SBV) Pilot Small Business Voucher. Successful SBV requests may be provided up to $300k in the form of in-kind technical support for prototype development, testing, and other problem statements facing small businesses in the clean energy innovation space.


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Idea Submission Deadline

Idea Submission Period Ends: Friday, June 17, 2016 at 11:59 PM EST

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IntelliChoice Call for Innovation

Integrated IEQ and Energy Optimization

Traditionally, IEQ is often addressed at minimum to achieve energy savings since energy savings are more quantifiable and have more incentives. However, IEQ has great impact on occupants well-being and productivity, which has significant financial values. Therefore, I proposed to optimize IEQ and energy together. The first step is to quantify IEQ by correlating IEQ parameters with occupants' feedback, productivity etc. ...more »


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IntelliChoice Call for Innovation

Chalcogel generator AC unit.

Chalcogel---->ammonia from atmosphere nitrogen---->condenser-----> laser heated heat exchanger---->temperature gradient propeller----> propeller turbine---->dynamo----->battery------->




Peltier effect the columns inside the walls. Since this is from green source.... Free AC unit sans chemicals for decades.


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