Honeywell Supermarket Refrigeration Call for Innovation



Currently a supermarket refrigeration system can consume as much 1-2 million kWh of electricity annually, as much as 100-200 homes. These systems require very large refrigerant charges, 3000-4000 pounds, for their operation and can leak in excess of 20% of their charge annually. Many new system designs, such as distributed, secondary loop, and advanced self-contained refrigeration systems, have been implemented to minimize the charge and reduce the energy consumption. The available literature shows that these advanced systems can reduce the annual energy consumption of the supermarket by around 10%-15%.

The Challenge

Identify a new architecture, the next generation of Direct Expansion (DX) supermarket refrigeration systems or modification to current standard DX system, which reduces the annual energy consumption by at least 25% compared to a standard distributed DX system utilizing R404A in a typical US city (Atlanta/GA).

This JUMP Call for Innovation requires only a written proposal. Review and consideration of ideas does not require submitters to provide ideas with documented Intellectual Property (IP). If you are concerned about protecting the potential of your IP, choose the “Invisible to other Innovators” option when submitting your idea. Choosing this submission option will enable the judges to review your ideas but will not show it openly on the JUMP website. Choosing the “Invisible to other Innovators” will not permit the JUMP community to comment, discuss, or vote on your idea.

The Award

The idea submitter will be invited to discuss future collaboration with Honeywell and ORNL technical experts. Depending on the needs identified:

  • ORNL may provide in-kind technical support of $10,000 - $20,000 to enable ORNL staff to providing prototype development, testing, 3rd party validation, or other defined needs.
  • Successful JUMP winners may also elect to submit a "Request for Assistance (RFA)" for Round 3 or subsequent Rounds of the DOE Lab Impact Small Business Vouchers (SBV) Pilot Small Business Voucher. Successful SBV requests may be provided up to $300k in the form of in-kind technical support for prototype development, testing, and other problem statements facing small businesses in the clean energy innovation space.


Presentation Details

Idea Submission Deadline

Idea Submission Period Ends: Friday, June 17, 2016 at 11:59 PM EST

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Honeywell Supermarket Refrigeration Call for Innovation

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Honeywell Supermarket Refrigeration Call for Innovation

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